Artisanal Yogurt

We make hand-crafted, traditional pot set yogurts with all natural ingredients without added sugar or preservatives.

Every batch of Yogurt is meticulously handcrafted with care and precision. Experience the difference of our handcrafted yogurt – a labor of love in every spoonful.

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Kefir Curd

Kefir Curd is silky smooth and spoons like bean curd. It has that familiar fermented tartness associated with cultured yogurts. There is a subtle effervescent quality to the already complex flavour profile of Kefir.

Try something unique

Ever tried a Yogurt Cheesecake?

Enjoy the goodness of fresh Greek Yogurt in a cheesecake! It’s flourless and contains no added sugar.

The Burnt Yogurt Cheesecake rises like a souffle fresh out of the oven. It's perfectly balanced and luxuriously smooth

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