How we make yogurt

Our main ingredient is simply fresh milk!

We begin by heating up the milk to sterilize it from any pathogens or bacteria if present. This also denatures the milk proteins to allow it to curdle. When the milk is cooled down, we add quality thermophilic heirloom starters to begin culturing and fermentation.

The active live cultures chomp up the natural milk sugars or lactose and as the pH levels drop and becomes more acidic, the protein (casein) molecules attract one another to form curds floating in a solution of translucent whey.

Acidity levels is tested towards the end of the fermentation process. After which, the freshly made yogurt is rapidly chilled to stop fermentation. Extra care is taken to strain the liquid whey from the fresh yogurt to remove any leftover lactose, leaving behind our signature thick and creamy styled Yogurt suitable for lactose intolerance.

Finally, our Yogurt is ready and immediately bottled or jarred so you may enjoy it as fresh as possible.